Lowongan Kerja Teknik Tambang Laing O’Rourke

Lowongan Kerja Teknik Tambang
Our core business is infrastructure projects in the mining industry.
35 yr of proven performance has seen us deliver significant landmark
projects. With exciting mining projects starting in September in
East Kalimantan, we want to required potential person to get strategic
position with our good job vacancy. Jobs in engineering is only for you.

Lowongan Kerja : Engineering
Senior Mining Engineer
Mine Planner
Site Engineers

Lowongan Kerja Teknik : Maintenance
Fixed Plant Mechanics
Mobile Plant Mechanics
Maintenance Planner

Lowongan Kerja : Production
Production Supervisor
Overburden Supervisors
Overburden Foreman
Coal Supervisors
Coal Foreman

Explain your competitive and relevant qualifications and experience
in mining industry. Attach your all application by email only for this
job vacancy to :
Email Lowongan Kerja Teknik : recruitment@laingorourke.co.id
Labelled : P-M1-Position title